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Dr. Sebi On Fish And Seafood

Fish and seafood are debated and reviewed for their health benefits as well as their incorporation into the diet. Many different opinions abound on their real health benefits, even though some popular diets like the Mediterranean recommend their intake. 

There are some thoughts by Dr. Sebi regarding the eating of fish. While Dr. Sebi approves of Seaweeds, he vehemently preaches against the eating of animal-based sea foods like fish, clams, shrimps, and oysters.

Dr. Sebi says that fish and seafood are high acid food. So, it would be best to always avoid them in your diet.

In one of Dr. Sebi’s teachings, he was very specific and explains:

“Fish rots inside the intestines. Anything that flies, walks, runs or swim is not good for the people”.

Then he went further to explain that :

“Fish can not be turned into liquids when it is ingested into the body. Like any other animal, that fish contains parasites, and when you eat it, fish will make mucus inside your body. This mucus will cause blockage and over-acidity.

Dr. Sebi used only seaweeds like sea moss, together with herbs and spring water, to maintain alkalinity in his body.

The teachings of Dr. Sebi on seafood only emphasize eating sea plants. This difference is important because seaweeds which are plants are different from sea animal foods like fish, clams, mussels, and oysters.

Sea plants like Irish sea moss, nori, and wakame are high alkaline and beneficial for health.

Dr. Sebi also teaches about eating live land plants. He says only live and electric plants can give you good health.

Fish is a dead source of protein; it cannot be electrical and used in the body. This is why he disapproves of eating fish. 

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Fish lives in the water, and the pH level of water is normal to alkaline. Because the fish is a living creature, it also has a neutral pH level. 

So, what happens when a fish is killed?

In the first hour after killing the fish, it stays with a pH of 6.8, but the fish becomes more acidic and easily spoils as time passes. You cannot determine what type of fish you are buying because all fish products are already dead and packed. 

Some people believe that if you stay on an alkaline diet and you choose to eat fish, you should only buy fresh, live fish and cook it right away.

But according to the principles of the alkaline vegan diet, and according to Dr. Sebi, all dead food is acidic, so you should avoid them. Animal foods, including fish and other animal-based seafood, are dead and acidic.


Fish is unhealthy because, aside from having acidic food in your diet, you risk a high intake of contaminated food. Because of the ever-increasing sea pollution that we are witnessing, seafood and fish are highly contaminated with heavy metals like mercury, dioxins, pesticides, and polychlorinated biphenyls. 

It is proven that mercury can damage the nerves in an adult person and interrupt the development of an infant’s mind and nervous system. Also, heavy metals found in fish increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases. You can be well aware that fish is easily contaminated with these metals.

The list of seafood known to humankind is quite large.

Seafood is a group that includes all types of sea fishes, lampreys, lobsters, oysters, scallops, shrimps, crabs, prawns, shellfish, and many more. This list also includes seaweeds and sea plants.

After a review of the pH value of the seafood products, it is well known that only fresh and alive sea products have higher pH.

After killing any sea animal, the pH value starts to decrease.


As shown before, only seaweed is alkaline and approved by Dr. Sebi. When you decide to make a meal with seafood products, you should try and cook this product by boiling or steaming it.

In this way, you can keep better alkalinity and preserve the nutrients inside the seafood.

Dr. Sebi approved Seafood

Below is a list of Dr. Sebi approved Seafood:

  • Irish sea moss
  • Nori
  • Dulse
  • Wakame

Dr. Sebi NOT approved Seafoods

To show the alkalinity of the seafood products, here is the list of the most alkaline seafood. 

  • Dungeness crab with a pH level of 8.1 
  • Mussels with a pH level of 12.9  
  • Oysters with a pH level of 8.9 
  • Fl. Pink shrimp with a pH level of 8.1
  • White shrimp with a pH level of 8.6 
  • Cobia fish with a pH level of 8.9 
  • Coho salmon with a pH level of 9.9