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Boiled Burro Banana Recipe ( Alkaline-approved )


Burro Bananas

Sea Salt (optional)

Step 1

Start by peeling the outer skins of the banana. To peel, slightly cut the skin of the burro using a sharp knife (preferably along the ridges, so its easier to take off). Do not cut too deep into the inner flesh of the burro, as this makes it harder to take off the skin. Score again about half an inch from the first cut (use the “ridges” on the burro so its easier to take off). Separate the peel from the flesh by pushing in from the cuts. Repeat until there’s no more peel.

Step 2

Once peeled, place them in a pot half filled with wate. Ensure the water level covers the bananas completely, but there shouldn’t be more than an inch space between the bananas and the top water level.

Step 3

Add sea salt (optional)

Step 4

Place over medium-high heat and boil for 20 minutes or until cooked. To know it’s properly cooked, insert a fork, and if it goes through, then it’s cooked.