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Method 1: Healing the Dr Sebi Way

Dr Sebi often noted that in order to heal the body one has to first cleanse the body, then feed it the nutrients it needs. Dr Sebi contends that ‘dis-eases‘ cannot live in an alkaline body and so it is imperative to cleanse and alkalize the body to bring it to a healthier state.
Step 1: Clean up the system
Detoxifying the system is important to ridding the body of maladies. First we start by cleaning out the colon (bowels).
Colon cleanse
Use the Chelation 2 for this. If you can’t buy it, make your own. There are also other methods of cleansing the colon and cleaning out the bowel. Any good colon cleanse recipe should help.
Step 2: Further cleanse to the organs of the body
Viento formula. One can however go straight to step 3.
Step 3: Clean and nourish the blood
The Iron Plus and Bio Ferro will help to cleanse the blood, improve circulation to the body and nourish the cells. As noted you can buy or make your own – it is very easy to do this.
Dosage: Take the herbs as directed on the original formula.
During this process the diet should be very light, consisting of only alkalising foods, primarily fruits and vegetables. Follow Dr Sebi’s nutritional guide, however, some items on the list should not be consumed when one is trying to reverse serious health conditions.
Things on the list to eat: Fruits, greens such as lettuce, lambs quarter, dandelion greens, mustard greens, amaranth greens and lettuce, mushrooms, vegetables, coconut (water and jelly) herbal teas, green juices and smoothies.

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Things on the list to avoid: Oils, chickpeas, avocados, nuts (all) and grains (all).
Note: Apart from the teas, everything else you eat should be all raw, i.e uncooked. Buy organic if possible, if not, do the best you can, and ensure foods are washed properly before use.
Hydration: Drink plenty of water to flush the system.
Bladderwrack/Seamoss: Add the bladderwrack/seamoss combination to smoothies and have it in teas.
Other Using Dr Sebi’s Fasting Method

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If money is a big factor, in terms of being able to afford the herbs, then go a bit lighter on the herbs.
Start by cleansing the bowel and changing the diet to predominantly fruits and vegetables, preferably 100% raw or as close as possible.
Use the Bromide Powder (Seamoss and Bladderwrack) to make shakes and have teas daily.
In addition, add the elder flower, burdock, dandelion, sarsaparilla and ginger to your regimen. Combine them to make teas.

Method 2: Water fasting
Water fasting can be extremely effective. It is probably one of the easiest ways to rid the body of pathogens and toxins, boost the immune system and allow the body to heal. It is not advisable to begin a water fast with no previous fasting experience.
One however, doesn’t need to go to a fasting centre in order to fast. If there are no other serious underlining health conditions, one can build up to a fast by preparing the body (so to lessen the effects of detox symptoms). Ensure you have support around you, such as a partner or friend and also, preferably someone with experience of fasting.
Building up to a water fast
Start with a 3 days bowel cleanse.
Consume a total plant-based diet for 7 days.
Do another 3 day bowel cleanse consuming only raw fruits and vegetables during this period.
Do a 7 days mono-fast on preferably grapes, mango, melon or apples.
Follow up with a 3 day juice fast, mainly green juices and the juices of citrus fruits.
Begin your water fast.
Who should not fast
It is not recommend that certain individuals go on a water fast, these include:
Pregnant women.
Anyone coping with anorexia.
Individuals suffering from debilitating dis-eases and have little strength.
Advanced stages of dis-eases, such as cancer.
Individuals suffering from severe mental disorders that require professional treatment. If you are suffering from less severe mental disorder, it is necessary to have support around you.
Breaking the fast
It is important that the fast is broken correctly.
Start with only juices; vegetable juices, non-sweet fruit juices. Have only juices for three consecutive days (assuming a 7 to 10 days water fast. The longer the water fast, the slower and longer the re-feeding period).
Have raw fruits for another 2 days.
Introduce light raw salads.
Slowly introduce other foods.
Note: Eat small meals as needed, chew foods properly, pay attention to the body’s signals.

Method 3: Juicing
After the initial bowel cleanse of at least 3 days, have juices and teas only. This include mainly green or vegetable juices, you will have more of these at the beginning, then add fruit juices (citruses and melons).
Building up to a juice fast
Do 3 days colon cleanse.
7 Days all raw fruits and vegetables.
Start juicing.
The period varies, aim for a minimum of 21 days. Add herbal teas, such as those noted above, in addition, increase water consumption.
Tip: Swish your juices in the mouth before swallowing.

Method 4: Alternate Water / Juicing
This is where water fasting and juicing are combined.
Building up to the fast
Follow the same method listed in the previous. With this method a deliberate pattern is created consuming a balance of fruit juices and water.
Combined water and juice plan
Juice in the mornings
Water in the days
Juice at nights

Method 5: Mono-meals
21 days, 30 days or 6 weeks minimum of eating only one particular fruit whether for the entire duration of the period or using different fruits for different periods of time.
Fruits to use for mono-meals: Acid and sub acid fruits, avoid sweet fruits as these are high energy foods and less astringent.
The best fruits for mono-meals: Grapes, mangoes, melons, oranges, pears, oranges, lemon/limes. You can however use fruits preferable to you.
Mono-meal medley
This involves consuming several fruits within the period, for example, days 1 – 7: Apples; days 8 – 14: Mangoes; days 15 – 21: Grapes; days 22 – 28: Melons and so on. It could also be done in 5 or 3 days period. It is not necessary to juice, just eat the whole fruit. This can be done along with the herbs.
A mono-meal fasting period can be ended with a 2 – 3 days water fasting, followed by 24 hours dry fasting.
Things to note
Check the urine at regular interval to see if the kidneys are filtering.
Drink plenty of water to help flush the system, however if one notices that urination isn’t occurring, despite drinking lots of water, then have some dandelion, hawthorn or horsetail herbal tea; these are diuretics and can be used in instances where the body is holding on to fluids.
Cleansing the colon is important; always start with this first.
Practice deep breathing exercises everyday.
Do not use things on the skin you cannot eat.
Do not drink water straight from the tap, filter your water.
Do not shower with regular, store bought soaps as these will only further irritate the skin.
For blisters and sores
Some things to use for blisters or sores.
Eva Salve (Dr Sebi’s)
Herbal essential oils and salves (eg: myrrh, lavender, dandelion, burdock etc)
Use formation or compresses on affected areas
Oregano oil
Olive leaf extract
Keeping the body healthy
Even before the end of a cleansing or fasting period one should begin to see positive results.
Adopting a plant-based diet going forward will help you to maintain general health and wellness.

Do you feel sick and think something is wrong with your body – but you are yet to figure out what is wrong? Frequent Headaches and other symptoms are often interpreted as stress. Probably it is time to perform a total body overhauling using proven methods that have cured thousands of patients. When cleansing the body with respect to Dr. Sebi’s intra-cellular method, most people are doing it for the first time after a long time of bad living habits!

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