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Is Bread Alkaline or Acidic?

Yeasty bread and wheat products are acidic food groups that Dr. Sebi says are connected with creating mucus in the body. If a person has excess mucus in any organ, the person may be susceptible to inflammation and consequently disease.

To function optimally, our body needs a good source of minerals and an alkaline pH that would let the minerals to be absorbed into the body cells and nourish it. Minerals like iron, magnesium, calcium, and potassium can be found in food and grains, especially the ones that are on the list of Dr. Sebi’s diet.

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Dr. Sebi’s diet contains grains that can be used for body alkalization. Eating bread while staying on Dr. Sebi’s diet is allowed only if the bread is prepared from sprouted grains like quinoa, amaranth, spelt, and kamut. This kind of sprouted or sourdough bread has a unique preparation process that helps in creating an alkaline environment in the body.

As Dr. Sebi says about conventional white bread:

“Gluten is starch, starch again is carbonic acid. Gluten clogs the system, it rots in the system, it wears the system down, and gluten robs you of your iron. Gluten will deliver sulfides in your body. Sulfides are the residual of the gluten like lactic acid is the residual of milk. Sulfide is the result of the presence of gluten, sulfide is bad, it robs you of oxygen. When we buy bread, we should buy the one that says Spelt bread, Kamut” 

We can see that Dr. Sebi does not approve of white breads and other gluten breads as they tend to deprive the body of essential minerals. And being that Dr. Sebi is a great advocate of complete mineral nourishment, it’s no surprise this is so.

The science behind Dr. Sebi’s diet says that processed bread prepared from white flour and added yeast is a high acid food

Can You Eat Bread on the Dr. Sebi Alkaline Diet?

Yes, eating bread on the alkaline diet is allowed provided the bread is made from ancient alkalind grains approved on the diet. Ancient alkaline grains approved in this diet include wild spelt and kamut grains.

Good and healthy bread is a main source of nutrients on a whole plant-based diet. Whole grains and sourdough bread are used as a substitute for white bread in the Dr. Sebi alkaline diet. This kind of bread should however be eaten in moderation.

Although the types of bread you can eat on the Dr. Sebi alkaline diet are limited, it is allowed to eat bread prepared from alkaline grains like kamut, spelt, amaranth, quinoa, and rye. 

Which Bread is Best for an Alkaline Diet?

Sourdough bread or sprouted bread prepared from ancient flour-like kamut, spelt, quinoa or rye are always the best options if you want to stay on a good alkaline diet. 

Many types of bread can be prepared following the rules of the alkaline diet. Alkaline Bread should be prepared without baking soda, yeast, and white flour.  

When compared with the standard wheat bread, which has a pH value of 4, there are some scientifically approved types of bread that can be used in an alkaline diet. Rye, kamut, buckwheat, quinoa, and spelt bread prepared with sprouting or sourdough are great options for an alkaline diet

Alkaline – Approved Flours for the Dr. Sebi Alkaline Diet

Ancient grains can be made in flour. Dr. Sebi recommends that all alkaline grains should be grounded in a natural way using a stone mill. Only the fresh milled grains are alive and full of minerals that are helping the body. 


Kamut is an ancient grain that origins in Egypt. Often described as the “Soul of the Earth” Packed with nutrients like protein, fiber, zinc, and magnesium. Kamut is a tasty grain that offers a variety of potential benefits. A diet rich in fiber can aid digestion and keep things running smoothly.


Spelt is high in phosphorus which helps your body maintain its desired alkaline state. If we review the Spelt flour and the grain itself, we can see that it is an ancient grain full of minerals. You can find good quality Spelt flour in a health store or make it at home. The pH value once the spelt is ingested in the body is 7.5.

Table 1: Approved Flours on the Dr. Sebi Diet

Grain FloursSeed and Nut FloursBean/Legume Flours
KamutHemp seed flourGarbanzo flour
SpelfFlaxseed flour 
TeffCoconut flour
Buckwheat flour
Amaranth flour

Table 2: Prohibited Flours on the Dr. Sebi Diet

Grain flourNut and Seed Flours
All Purpose FlourAlmond meal/flour
Corn flourSunflower seed flour
Wheat flourPeanut flour
Oat meal/flour

The Dr. Sebi Approved Bread Options

The next list is a short guide for you about Dr. Sebi’s approved bread options:

  • Kamut sourdough bread 
  • Quinoa sprouted bread 
  • Spelt and seaweed bread 
  • Peas and grapeseed oil bread 

For alkaline bread ideas and options, you can choose between spelt bread with added grapeseed oil or kamut sourdough bread.

Even you can try the quinoa bread with salt, which is an excellent source of protein and minerals.